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Why Our Clients Choose FK for Environmental & Toxic Tort Law

Post-industrial regions such as Upstate New York are home to many locations that present environmental hazards.

Through its work on the Love Canal litigation and its representation of first tier defendants in national asbestos litigation, Feldman Kieffer has a long history of defending environmental and toxic tort claims. As a highly specialized and complex area of the law, we are well positioned to provide value to our clients given our experience with the unique procedural and substantive requirements of these cases. One of our finding partners, James Kieffer, was national trial counsel for Owens Corning-Fiberglass during the early years of asbestos litigation. The foundation he laid in the handling of these complexes cases has been passed down to the attorneys at Feldman Kieffer. Our toxic tort department is experienced in the management of toxic tort, asbestos and environmental cases in order to defend these cases in the most thorough and efficient fashion throughout New York State.

 In addition to asbestos litigation, our attorneys represent a variety of clients defending environmental claims. For example, we have an extensive lead paint practice representing landlords and property owners. Our team of lawyers and paralegals is adept at investigating each property and tenancy to determine whether a landlord had the requisite notice to be held liable for lead exposure. Beyond lead paint, our also handle other toxic tort exposure cases, including those involving “sick buildings” and allegations of multiple chemical sensitivities. We have handled environmental cases involving oil spills, natural gas, urea formaldehyde, pesticides, carbon monoxide poisoning, Clean Water Act violations and landfill contamination.



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