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Why Our Clients Choose FK for Healthcare Law

As an extension of the litigation services we provide our clients, Feldman Kieffer LLP is able to represent professionals, private practices, facilities, and corporations in a wide variety of health law matters. We represent such individuals, practices, and private and public hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and nursing homes throughout New York State.

Health care providers face different legal and regulatory challenges than the traditional company or corporation.  These regulations are far reaching, implicating many aspects of the health care provider’s practice. Drawing on the experience of the various attorneys in the firm, we counsel health care and corporate entities on governmental and regulatory compliance issues.

Our services include representation on parliamentary procedure, corporate governance, quality assurance investigations and hearings, asset purchase and sale transactions, fraud and abuse investigations, privacy breaches and prevention, affiliations between health systems, mental hygiene hearings from initial investigation through hearing, guardianship applications, contract preparation and negotiations, employee discipline, real estate transactions, negotiations with insurance companies, and overpayment audits and restitution claims by private and public payers.

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