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Why Our Clients Choose FK for Healthcare Audit Defense & Compliance

Health care entities and providers are always at risk targeted and routine audits by private and government health plans. Feldman Kieffer helps reduce risks associated with post- and pre-payment audits with proactive compliance programs and vigorous defense of reimbursement demands from audits.

Use of a billing compliance plan and a coding consultant can help reduce negligent and inadvertent billing or coding errors. Those errors often trigger audits and form the basis for allegations of overpayment and non-compliance. Our lawyers work closely with health care practices, professionals and institutions, as well as their associated professional liability carriers, to efficiently defend audits and limit repayments to health plans.

If an audit is already underway, it is critical that the healthcare professional retain experienced legal counsel that understand the risks and steps involved in successfully defending and appealing payor audits.

Our lawyers are experienced in defending audits and appealing audit findings, but also in prioritizing provider education to highlight best practices and operationalize take-aways from audits. We work with our clients to be proactive and strengthen compliance efforts to position them for success in future audits.

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