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Why Our Clients Choose FK for Professional Liability

The unfortunate reality is that most professional will find themselves, at some point in their career, defending a claim made against them by a former client, either in court or before an administrative agency. We bring to bear our years of experience in representing professionals who find themselves in this predicament.

Feldman Kieffer LLP defends licensed professionals, such as physicians, allied health professionals, accountants, and insurance brokers, in malpractice suits in State and Federal Court. Additionally, our professional liability team has experience disciplinary and other professional liability matters in administrative proceedings before the New York Office of Professional Discipline and the New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct. Our attorneys are well known throughout the state in their trial ability in successfully handling complex malpractice cases.

After the case is over, our attorneys are available to provide risk management services in order to avoid issues in the future and posture pre-suit disputes in anticipation of litigation. Besides our attorneys, Feldman Kieffer maintains an in-house staff of medical professionals who assist in case preparation and evaluation.

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