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Why Our Clients Choose FK for International Law

The practice of law, like many professions, evolves and continues to reflect the demands and influences of globalization. Many of our U.S. clients pursue business opportunities in Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia and other parts of the world. Similarly, the United States remains an attractive and safe destination for investment, education, relocation, creation and expansion of existing businesses for our international clients.

Feldman Kieffer LLP understands that our domestic and foreign clients have business requirements that transcend borders and can respond to the need for legal representation beyond state lines and the country of origin. Feldman Kieffer’s international practice includes attorneys who are conversant in Spanish, Croatian, Romanian, and Arabic, and who practice throughout New York, as well as in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Ontario, Canada.

To provide our clients with the best set of resources, we work collaboratively with tax professionals, immigration, and Canadian counsel, as well as foreign legal consultants in various jurisdictions to assist clients with international operations, including with the formation of domestic business entities for foreign parties seeking a commercial presence in the United States.

Located just minutes from the U.S.-Canadian border with offices throughout New York State, Feldman Kieffer LLP is well positioned to offer seamless cross-border representation to Canadian businesses and individuals in a variety of practice areas, including acquisition and disposition of U.S. entities, corporate formation & mergers, joint ventures, litigation, criminal & traffic infractions, misdemeanors & felony charges, professional licensing, and employment matters.

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